Friday, 28 August 2009

Makeover Magic!

Thought i'd share a little makeover I did at the beginning of the week with you. Here goes... hope you like!

Mooching round the car boot with my mum I came across a stall that had lots of lovely bits and bobs, incuding lots of cutlery in an old cutlery tray. When i asked the seller if the cutlery tray was for sale, the woman said yes and the man said no! Erm, they sold it to me anyway for £1.50, bargain! I think the man didn't want to sell it as he had all his other cutlery in it! I knew when i saw it exactly what i was going to do with it... can you guess?


First of all, i took the old sticky paper out of the sections and cleaned it all up, it had years of grime attached to it! Yuk!

Once i'd taken the old paper out, it looked like this. Quite nice i thought...
Yes, you guessed it, I used the wallpaper i bought the other week to line it!

Now, I think it looks much better. I knew that wallpaper would come in handy. Now i've got a lovely tray to keep my cake slices, cake forks, tea spoons, preserve sppons and sugar tongs in. Hurrah! What do you think?
Laura x

Friday, 21 August 2009

Ooooh, Aprons!

Following on from my last post about my car boot finds, I could not believe my eyes when i saw a basket sat on the floor with a gorgeous array of 1950s aprons. I could not get in there quick enough to have a rummage. Oh my, i was not disappointed at all. I bought six and was so so chuffed with my purchase. So chuffed in fact that i went back and bought the remaining six. The fabrics are stunning and i love the way the aprons fit (they cross over your back). I decided to do a special photo shoot of the aprons all hanging on the washing line so that you can see them in all their glory...

Which one is your fave? I’d love to hear what you think of them! Can't wait to bake now...

Laura x

Car boot Finds...

Thought it was about time that i did a post on some of my car boot finds... so I’ll start with some treasures that i picked up this week whilst staying at my parents house. I never knew that car boots ran during the week, how exciting! I managed to get to two, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

Don’t you just love seeing a car boot, i know i do, i can get a bit flappy at first as i get over-excited! Here’s a photo of the one i visited on Tuesday, this photo is taken from the lovely antiques shop at Barton Watermill.

What did i find... lets have a look in the basket (I got the basket from the boot sale too)!

Oooh, lots of goodies as you can see! I picked up these camping magazines to go in the vintage caravan. They are from 1961 and 1962 and have some great articles in. I love old magazines, they have so much character, I would love to know who has read these before me.

Some gorgeous old china of course, featuring some gorgeous roses. Oooh, afternoon tea is calling! Anyone for tea? Or perhaps some homemade lemonade?!

I also fell in love with this gorgeous blue plate with six matching tea plates, scrumptious! This will look gorgeous as a cake stand...

I will probably make this cute small cup and saucer into a candle, its sooo pretty. I’m sure you’ll see it up on the website shortly, although, i probably won’t want to part with it as it’s so nice.

I couldn’t resist this blue flowery tin for 20p, just thought it was quaint. And, as much as I love crockery, i also love enamel so when i spotted this spotty cup, i had to have it for 20p too! I think it will look fab in the vintage caravan!

This glass caught my eye too... at 50p, i thought i could treat myself to a ‘special’ drinking glass. I love the mix of the blue frost and the hand-painted flowers.

So there it is... this is why i LOVE car boots! I did buy some other bits n bobs too but dont want to bore you with photos of preserve spoons and vintage tea spoons!

Well... that’s all for today! Going to a car boot sale tomorrow of course, so will list my next lot of car boot treasures soon!

Also, for those that have asked about the vintage caravan, I will get round to writing about it... just haven't had chance yet. It has only just had its respray so I want to do some 'proper' photos for it to post on here. Look out for it in the next couple of weeks!

Laura x

My First Award!!

WOW, I’m thrilled to have been given my first award from Ann at Vintage at the corner house, it made my day and made blogging all the more worthwhile. I feel like i’m officially in the bloggers ‘club’ now! So, to accept my award, i will now list my five current obsessions so here goes...

Carboots/Charity shops

Like my fellow bloggers, I absolutely LOVE going to car boot sales. You can’t beat having a good mooch around a car boot looking at other peoples unwanted stuff. I love it when I spot something out of the corner of my eye and dive in for the purchase! I also love charity shops, I can’t walk past one ‘just in case’ there might be something inside waiting to temp me!


I love going camping with my wonderful husband, whether it be in a tent or caravan. We’ve only been away once in our lovely vintage caravan and it was such fun! I love being outdoors and surrounded by country and i love cooking on our little gas stove!

Vintage crockery and Afternoon tea

I adore vintage crockery, you can’t beat drinking out of a ‘proper’ cup and saucer or eating a slice of cake from a ‘proper’ cake plate with a cake fork. Tastes sooooo much better!


I love anything with a rose motif – wallpaper, fabric, crockery, my new shoes(!) anything at all. It is sooo country-ish, quaint and pretty.


Husband and I should be moving to our new home in the next few weeks which has a huge garden... I can’t wait as it means I’ll be able to get some lovely chickens! I have become obsessed lately, dreaming about my chickens, thinking up potential names for them and trying to find them a suitable hen house! If anyone has chickens and has any tips on how to keep them, I would love to hear from you...

Now it’s time to pass this award on to five other bloggers. I have sooo many blogs which i LOVE to read... here’s just a few.


Vintage Amethyst

Suzy’s Vintage Attic

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Joshy and Belle

Laura x

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bring bring.....

... Hello, myvintageparty!

Well, i couldn't resist this little beauty at the car boot sale on Saturday! The stallholder had a number of gorgeous telephones but I loved this one's striking red colour. The man selling the telephones apparently had a shed full of phones which he restored back to their former glory. I was oohing and ahhing whether to buy it or not, at £15 it wasn't that cheap, but as you can see, i just couldn't resist and it came home with me. I love the sound of the traditional telephone ring, you just can't beat it!

Thanks also go to Thecraftytrundler for her tip about the Cath Kidston wallpaper at Focus. After the boot sale at the weekend I went to the Daventry store to pick some up but they didn't have any :( so I drove back to Northampton where i bought a couple of rolls. Yippee! A bargain at £5. Oooh, will have to think of some things to do with it now... it even matches my bag!!

Laura x

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What would you do? Paint or leave...

So, last year I bought this bureau from a car boot sale for £15. It was originally dark brown but I spent days sanding it down with the intention of painting it... as you can see though, i never got round to painting it. Husband now likes it the way it is. What do you think? Paint it or leave it as it is?

Laura x

Do you like my new shoes?!!

I love my new shoes so much I thought I would share them with you! I bought them from Joules in their sale. I saw them in the kids section, but thought they looked fairly big. I'm only a size 3 and so were they! I was so excited, sad I know!

I actually bought the chair from our local dump and painted it in Laura Ashley's Duck Egg Blue. A bargain for £3.00...

Laura x

I LOVE Cake Stands!

As you probably know by now I absolutley LOVE cake stands! Because of my love for them I have decided to start my very own production line making them from some gorgeous vintage plates I have collected over time. I got my husband to drill them using a special drill piece as I was far too nervous about drilling some of my favorite plates, at least I could blame him if there were any breakages! We only had one breakage so it wasn't the end of the world! The three tier stand below is my favorite, I think it looks fab. What do you think?

I will be selling my cake stands shortly on my website. Keep checking for more information.

Laura x

Vintage Treasures

So, I’ve finally got round to writing on the blog again... sorry i haven’t been writing more regularly.

Thought i would just post some pretty pictures of bits and bobs from around my home. Here goes...

I found this gorgeous cake stand at a car boot sale at the weekend. I love the colour of it and it looks stunning on an embroidered vintage tablecloth.

I've also got a bit of a thing for old tins at the moment, i picked this one up for 20p from a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what i'll use it for but it looks pretty and thats all that matters!

I saw this little cup at a car boot and just loved the colours so had to have it. They didn't have the saucer unfortunately but i'll probably make it into a candle and sit and stare at it lovingly!

You can't beat enamel... so when I saw these three buckets for £2.50 I knew I had to get them. I'll probably put some lovely flowers in them in the garden.

Yum, seville marmalade. I love this pot, its got a huge crack in it but I think it adds to the charm of it!

I bought this Singer sewing machine from our local dump for £10! What a bargain!! It's in our hallway at the moment, it doesn't really go but there's no room for it anywhere else! We should be moving home in the next few weeks and this will look fabulous in my office!

Laura x