Friday, 21 August 2009

Car boot Finds...

Thought it was about time that i did a post on some of my car boot finds... so I’ll start with some treasures that i picked up this week whilst staying at my parents house. I never knew that car boots ran during the week, how exciting! I managed to get to two, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

Don’t you just love seeing a car boot, i know i do, i can get a bit flappy at first as i get over-excited! Here’s a photo of the one i visited on Tuesday, this photo is taken from the lovely antiques shop at Barton Watermill.

What did i find... lets have a look in the basket (I got the basket from the boot sale too)!

Oooh, lots of goodies as you can see! I picked up these camping magazines to go in the vintage caravan. They are from 1961 and 1962 and have some great articles in. I love old magazines, they have so much character, I would love to know who has read these before me.

Some gorgeous old china of course, featuring some gorgeous roses. Oooh, afternoon tea is calling! Anyone for tea? Or perhaps some homemade lemonade?!

I also fell in love with this gorgeous blue plate with six matching tea plates, scrumptious! This will look gorgeous as a cake stand...

I will probably make this cute small cup and saucer into a candle, its sooo pretty. I’m sure you’ll see it up on the website shortly, although, i probably won’t want to part with it as it’s so nice.

I couldn’t resist this blue flowery tin for 20p, just thought it was quaint. And, as much as I love crockery, i also love enamel so when i spotted this spotty cup, i had to have it for 20p too! I think it will look fab in the vintage caravan!

This glass caught my eye too... at 50p, i thought i could treat myself to a ‘special’ drinking glass. I love the mix of the blue frost and the hand-painted flowers.

So there it is... this is why i LOVE car boots! I did buy some other bits n bobs too but dont want to bore you with photos of preserve spoons and vintage tea spoons!

Well... that’s all for today! Going to a car boot sale tomorrow of course, so will list my next lot of car boot treasures soon!

Also, for those that have asked about the vintage caravan, I will get round to writing about it... just haven't had chance yet. It has only just had its respray so I want to do some 'proper' photos for it to post on here. Look out for it in the next couple of weeks!

Laura x


  1. Great finds hun! LOVE the spotty Cup! Han't been to that Car boot yet even thought I used to work in the Mill!! Where the antiques shop is was where Fantasy Crafts used to be!!
    DId you go to the one near Leighton buzzard on Thursday then?

  2. Ooohhhh gorgeous goodies. I LOVE the teapot and I LOVE the little cup and saucer you're going to make into a candle. Wish I could afford to go tomorrow but we're going to hit the huge annual one next weekend after pay day :D

    Mel xxx

  3. What a lovely setting for a car boot sale ! I love the pretty glass and little flowery tea cup.
    Ann x

  4. I love seeing other people's car boot finds as I love going to them. I haven't been to a car boot for ages as the weekends are spent decorating the house! I really like the cup and saucer and the frosted glass!!!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  5. Ooh that spotty mug and the floral frosted glass - now that was a lucky find!

    Thank you so much for nominating me for the award! My current 5 obsessions are (in no particular order!) houmous on oatcakes (have loved this for years and never tire of it!); Karin Slaughter books (currently reading my way through all of them!); Being Human (series on BBC1- saw it the first time round on BBC3 and LOVED it so am watching it again!) Rushing down the garden first thing every morning to pick raspberries for my breakfast - we've never had such a bumper crop! Lastly - but by no means least; VINTAGE! My everlasting obsession. I simply can't and won't do new!!

    Clare x

  6. Hi, what lovely finds!

    I do indeed have chickens and love them. They are great fun. Do you know what sort of chicken house you're going to get? Eglu's are expensive, but need zero maintenance whilst wooden house are a bit cheaper, but need painting/disinfecting annually. Will you have a pretty, well kept garden? If so, chickens can rampage and destroy gardens in less than a day unsupervised. We have the little pekin bantams now because they tend to dig less than the oridinary sized chickens. If you don't fancy bantams, I would recommend hybrid hens (lay more and super friendly), pure breeds tend to be less tame and some are enormous (steer clear of the light Sussex!).

    Give me a shout if you need any more help. Here are some good sites:

  7. What a lovely basketful of goodies!! That was a good car boot sale!
    The one I went to yesterday, seemed to be full of unwanted toys, and fishing gear!! Can't say that fishing is a hobby of mine!!

    Sharon xx

  8. What a fantastic haul of booting goodies; Well potted!. x

  9. Ooohh such pretties.
    I've just done a post about thrifty finds, I'm looking for a small table & a chair at the mo but haven't found what I am looking for yet, no doubt it I was looking for these specific things there would be loads around at the bootsales!