Friday, 28 August 2009

Makeover Magic!

Thought i'd share a little makeover I did at the beginning of the week with you. Here goes... hope you like!

Mooching round the car boot with my mum I came across a stall that had lots of lovely bits and bobs, incuding lots of cutlery in an old cutlery tray. When i asked the seller if the cutlery tray was for sale, the woman said yes and the man said no! Erm, they sold it to me anyway for £1.50, bargain! I think the man didn't want to sell it as he had all his other cutlery in it! I knew when i saw it exactly what i was going to do with it... can you guess?


First of all, i took the old sticky paper out of the sections and cleaned it all up, it had years of grime attached to it! Yuk!

Once i'd taken the old paper out, it looked like this. Quite nice i thought...
Yes, you guessed it, I used the wallpaper i bought the other week to line it!

Now, I think it looks much better. I knew that wallpaper would come in handy. Now i've got a lovely tray to keep my cake slices, cake forks, tea spoons, preserve sppons and sugar tongs in. Hurrah! What do you think?
Laura x


  1. Laura that's fab! I'd love a wooden cutlery tray instead of my plastic one, I will keep my eyes peeled. x

  2. Oh what a good idea & it looks lovely with the wallpaper ~ fab find!

  3. That is a fantastic idea, it looks so good. I also like the photo of the aprons in your other post too! I have become a follower now! Please pop and visit me some time! X Suzie :)

  4. The wooden tray looks lovely with the bright flowers and I'm so jealous of all those aprons from your last post. This is a lovely blog. Karen x

  5. Delightfully simple and simply delightful! I'm now going to get one of my old boxes out and do something with it!

  6. Very Nice hun!! I used my wallpaper for the same thing!!! This is becoming too weird..we are shopping at the same place, buy the same products and have the same friends in common...when we gonna meet up?? Let me know when you haved moved and we'll have to have a mini meet xx

    Annie x

  7. Looks great, Deb has also gone out and bought the wallpaper now and we both keep trying to think up new ways of using it ! Have a lovely weekend.
    Ann x

  8. I love your blog, so please come to mine and get a great blog award which I made myself! Copy it from my top sidebar with my good wishes to you. Suzie :)

  9. It looks fantastic! Well done and all for £1.50 you did a great job.

  10. Hi.. wish I had you with me in Wales this weekend gone.. trudging aorund an antique fair.. you would be fab at spotting make overs!
    Love your vintage hire business.. do you cover the whole country. tres chic tres now!

  11. Have you thought about offering your services to people? you are fab - wish I had you with me as I trudged through an antique fair in Wales. But seriously there must be a niche for your services - a kind of car boot/vintage guide? Anyway love your idea of the vintage tea party kit hire! How cool..

  12. so so pretty - i have to do this!

  13. hi laura,
    i lost you! i couldn't remember the name of your blog and forgot to come and visit! ive been running everywhere these last few weeks but with joshy back at school i should have some me time! he he!! im just off to read the posts i missed! i like the cutlery tray much better now! fliss xx

  14. What a lovely post - thank you ! Have a great day...