Friday, 26 March 2010

My giveaway Prize!

Recently, I was lucky enough to win the most fabulous giveaway prize on Kitschen Pink's blog! I would highly recommend visiting Kitschen Pink, it is an absolutely gorgeous blog and sure does brighten up my day! The giveaway was to win a stunning piece of jewellery from Lisa Leonard Designs - you can visit their shop here and their blog here! Lisa kindly decided to offer an item of jewellery to the lucky winner! How generous is that?! When I checked out the Lisa Leonard website, I had all my fingers and toes crossed that I would win as her jewellery is truly stunning! To enter the giveaway, you had to leave a comment of your favourite thing about the arrival of Springtime. Mine went like this:

What I love about spring? Waking up early to sunshine shining through the windows, hanging out the washing in a lovely spring breeze, watching my chickens bask in the sunshine and of course daffodils! I LOVE spring! 

Anyway, enough waffle on what I love about spring! The postman called early the other day and I was thrilled when I realized what it was (I still didn't think I'd really won something!). Here is my gorgeous necklace that I had engraved with mine and my husbands names - the necklace was called 'Dew drop' too and as our surname is Dew I thought it was very fitting!

Ready, let's open the box then!
Oooh! How exciting!
Here goes...
How stunning is my necklace! And the back of it...

Thank you to Lisa Leonard Designs and Kitschen Pink, I really love my necklace and can't stop wearing it!

Laura xx


  1. That is just my kind of thing.. its stunning. Lucky you! suzie xxx

  2. That's so gorgeous!!! Well done!!!

    Sharon xx

  3. Well done. It's beautiful. I'm very envious.