Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Vintage Eiderdowns

Firstly, apologies for not writing any posts recently. Note to self: I must write this blog regularly! It's been a busy but fun time lately with the renovation of the caravan and setting up myvintageparty.

Had to share my latest purchase with you. It's this gorgeous yummy scrumptious pink vintage paisley eiderdown that I bought on ebay. I think it is the start of an obsession. I've wanted one for a while now but i've resisted until now. Well, i'm pleased i did, it looks absolutely fabulous in the caravan!! Mmmmmnnnnnnnn..........

Gorgeous! Need one in every colour now! What do you think?!

Laura x


  1. VERY yummy Laura, Was it a bargain? Just hoping my Mum will start making them soon as she does the patchwork, quilting & bunting type things...will make her practice on mine methinks!! teehee

  2. Hiya! It was £80 so not too cheap but it was worth every penny! Once your mum has finished making yours, she can do me one!! ha ha! x

  3. Love those vintage eiderdowns, but love doung patchwork, so will be tempted to make more. Lovely fabric, looks similar to pink Rosali paisley, gorgeous!!!
    Sharon xx