Friday, 21 August 2009

My First Award!!

WOW, I’m thrilled to have been given my first award from Ann at Vintage at the corner house, it made my day and made blogging all the more worthwhile. I feel like i’m officially in the bloggers ‘club’ now! So, to accept my award, i will now list my five current obsessions so here goes...

Carboots/Charity shops

Like my fellow bloggers, I absolutely LOVE going to car boot sales. You can’t beat having a good mooch around a car boot looking at other peoples unwanted stuff. I love it when I spot something out of the corner of my eye and dive in for the purchase! I also love charity shops, I can’t walk past one ‘just in case’ there might be something inside waiting to temp me!


I love going camping with my wonderful husband, whether it be in a tent or caravan. We’ve only been away once in our lovely vintage caravan and it was such fun! I love being outdoors and surrounded by country and i love cooking on our little gas stove!

Vintage crockery and Afternoon tea

I adore vintage crockery, you can’t beat drinking out of a ‘proper’ cup and saucer or eating a slice of cake from a ‘proper’ cake plate with a cake fork. Tastes sooooo much better!


I love anything with a rose motif – wallpaper, fabric, crockery, my new shoes(!) anything at all. It is sooo country-ish, quaint and pretty.


Husband and I should be moving to our new home in the next few weeks which has a huge garden... I can’t wait as it means I’ll be able to get some lovely chickens! I have become obsessed lately, dreaming about my chickens, thinking up potential names for them and trying to find them a suitable hen house! If anyone has chickens and has any tips on how to keep them, I would love to hear from you...

Now it’s time to pass this award on to five other bloggers. I have sooo many blogs which i LOVE to read... here’s just a few.


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Laura x


  1. Many thanks for the award. V exciting to hear you shall be getting your very own henhouse! I shall be watching eagerly!

    have a good weekend.

    Hen x

  2. Oohhhh thank you so much missy!
    Nice to hear about your obsessions!

  3. thanks for the award laura, im sorry i missed it, i'll do this next time i post, thank you!! fliss xx